Welcome to Allan's Lifestyle Products

In 2000, Allan and his partner, June, made the decision to build an off-the-grid house on 60 acres of land in the North Waikato.

The house was designed to be solar-efficient and has solar water heating. Wind and sun are use to generate all the electric power, which is stored in large batteries. Wood is used for heating and outdoor cooking, with gas used for indoor cooking and supplementary water heating.

The house was completed in 2004 and this new lifestyle led Allan, who is a talented engineer and designer, to develop a number of products that he believes might be interesting and useful for others who are keen on having an independent and sustainable lifestyle.

These products are all locally manufactured using high quality annealed wire mesh or stainless steel, so they are truly “Made in New Zealand” products.

INTRODUCING: Wilz – the new owner of Allan’s Lifestyle Products and our good friend and neighbor!!

Wilz has been helping out with our fencing products for some time and is young and enthusiastic about developing solutions to your lifestyle problems.

Give Wilz a call on 027 279 3483 and see how he can help you!

Chicken Fencing

Our chicken fencing is made of robust 4mm wire mesh with openings of 75 x 150 mm. The fencing is hot-dip galvanized and is truly a “Made in New Zealand” product.

Tree Guards

Our latest tree guard has been field tested and works with horses, cattle, alpacas, sheep and goats.

Bean & Tomato Fencing

Our Bean and Tomato Fencing can be assembled in an instant with cable ties.

Rabbit Fencing

We are offering two styles of panels – a free-standing, easily movable type and a flat push-in panel.