Allan’s Instant Tree Guards

This 2, 3 or 4 piece tree guard assembles in a minute! It has been developed over the last year and protects against: horses, cattle, highland cattle, alpacas, sheep and goats – GUARANTEED. Best of all in a year or three, it can be easily moved and used on another tree.

We now have a new folding machine which can manually fold longer lengths of wire mesh.

The new mesh has extra wires at the top for strength but no protruding wires for safety. There are extra wires at the bottom to keep out small animals such as rabbits, hares and possums.

These new Tree Guards have 150mm long wires at the bottom which anchor them firmly into the ground. The Tree Guards are made in sections for ease of transport. They are joined together with cable ties or soft wire and can easily be moved to new trees in years to come.

The Tree Guards are all 1.6 metres high and come in three sizes:

Small: 0.7 metre diameter

Medium: 1.0 metre diameter

Large: 1.4 metre diameter


$139.73 each

$209.59 each

$279.46 each

10% discount will be given for orders of 10 units or more

Call us on 027 279 3483 to order your Tree Guards

These mesh products are New Zealand made and annealed wire mesh. They can be transferred from tree to tree throughout their life which is likely to exceed that of the reader. We cut and fold them by hand without further energy inputs.We don’t need to tell you that animals will produce far more if they have summer shelter!