NOW we have bean and tomato fencing and new ‘Vege Towers’ for container gardens.

Both can be assembled in an instant with cable ties. Each panel has 8 x 150mm spikes holding it in the ground. The mesh is annealed wire mesh that will outlast the reader!!

Tomato plants can be woven through the mesh as they grow, with no need to tie them in place. Beans will find their own way!! I was surprised how rigid the fence became once there was a plant growing at the bottom!! Old growth is easily removed from the rigid fence at the end of the season.

And you can re-use this fencing every year!! Just make sure they have lots of sun and plenty of water!!

Bean and Tomato Fencing

Uses two or more single panels 1650 x 1200mm assembled in a zig-zag pattern as seen above, so that the panels support each other. Add an extra panel or two for more plants!!

$69.86 per single panel
$139.73 for 2 panels
$209.59 for 3 panels

Vege Towers

Uses a single panel 1200 x 1200mm folded to form a hexagonal tower 1200mm high, which is approximately 330mm in diameter.

NB The tower may sometimes need to be made as two separate panels for shipping.

$52.39 per tower